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    Thanks for stopping by. My name is Melissa and photos are pretty much my love language. I picked up a camera five years ago and fell in looooove. I am always learning more about this beautiful thing called photography, it turns out that the more you know..the more there is to know! It's one of the few things in my life that I don't mind constantly learning, relearning and educating myself on. Life is precious and so, so sweet. It's important to have memories you can cherish for years to come. Thats why I think photography is so valuable. I want you to love the images hanging on your walls forever.

    I also want to know you and your story! Where'd you come from? What do you do? Do you prefer hot or iced coffee? What do you want to name your next dog? Do you want to be friends? If someone dared you to hold a tarantula in your hand, would you? Because I really for sure do not think I would ever. Like never ever.

    Here's my story. I'm 29 years old. My husband's name is Josh. He's a hunk. We have two adorable children, Lillian (3) and Micah (9 months) and a cuddly pup, Wrigley. Originally from Chicago suburbs, we moved to Phoenix shortly after we got married in 2009 just to see what would happen. Cut to six years later, my husband is an executive director at our church, I stay home with the kiddos most of the time, we have a house, we heart our crossfit box and have lots of it seems as though we're staying in the desert for a while! All of those facts tell me that I am a responsible adult which is just odd, that seemed to have happened over night. My husband and I are borderline addicted to crossfit. I never pass up a good iced coffee drink. I love organization once it's finished. I hate socks. My heart yearns to travel. Anywhere, really. Ireland, Italy, Greece, New Zealand. Also, one day, my heart says we will go to Africa and bring home a baby.

Lil’s Third Birthday

Our Independence Day firecracker turned three.
One of her favorite treats are donuts so of course, in Lil’s words, we celebrated with a “Donut Happy Birthday”
Thank you to everyone who came out and loved on our Lil bug with us!

Travis & Taylor

Travis and Taylor’s mama got some cute little t-shirts for them so decided to call me up!
She is a teacher as well and wanted some photos for the school year which I can totally relate with.
Although it’s the middle of the summer in Phoenix and it was a very real 114 degrees, it was no problem for these cute kids:)
Travis is such a gentle, sweet big brother to Taylor.

Sweet Lillian Turns One

Our baby girl turns one today!

I have a difficult time believing that all of this happened a year ago.
(although, actually, I kind of can believe it. Just look at me. All I can think of is “Oh hello, hot mess” and “Poor past Melissa and past Josh. Just make it through the first 12 weeks and you’ll be OK! It get’s easier. Sort of.”)

It’s hard to begin to sum up this past year and really, I don’t think that I can accurately, or eloquently, do that. It has been the hardest of times, the tiredest of times, the most confusing of times, the most frustrating of times, and absolutely the most joyous of times. People say “cherish this” and “you’re not going to get this time back” which is all, of course, true. I can confidently say I cherished the crap out of year one. Whenever there was a moment of hesitation to whether I should put my baby down or hold her or if I was freaking out about a “nap schedule”, I told myself “she is only this tiny, my baby, for so long.” Even if we are blessed with a second baby, it won’t be the same as this. I’ve put the dishes down, slacked on the laundry, and our carpet was not vacuumed nearly enough. It was all worth it. And I have realized that even though I have cherished it, I am still allowed to miss it. For some reason, before, that wasn’t allowed in my brain. “I soaked it all up so that’s that. I can rid my hands of any future ‘missing’ of any sort.” Crazy talk. Furthermore, I’ve realized there is a difference between missing it/remembering fondly and dwelling in the fact that she is growing up. I had a good friend tell me “People have babies and then are sad when they grow up. It doesn’t make sense. They’re babies. They grow up.” It didn’t sound that harsh in person but that was the gist of it. And it’s just true. They grow up. There is a tension between “dwelling that the past is over” and “so ready to get them to __ stage ‘”. I think thats what I’m trying to say. My remedy for that is to stop. Stop and just take in all of the goodness that is the current stage, while also being cognizant of the fact that tomorrow they will be just a bit bigger.

Watching her grow and learn to do things as simple as rolling over, turning a page, signing “more”, and walking backwards is so exciting. My husband and I have to objectively talk about the last time we posted a picture or video and make sure we’re not bombarding peoples news feeds. Lillian is so much fun to play with and it’s so gratifying to re learn things with her. Oh that door does open and close. Buckets are fun to put stuff into and then carry around the house. Wrigley does not need help eating his food (we have to relearn that one every.single. day.). Splashing water really is worthy of laughing about.

Side note: Watching your husband be a father is probably the most attractive thing ever. ever ever. He is so gentle, kind, and loving yet firm. Just like a good daddy should be. I have loved seeing a whole new side of Josh emerge. Plus he’s just hot.

Although this birthday is bittersweet, it is mostly sweet. Lil has become such a curious, silly, and sweet little girl. I am so excited to see how she continues to learn. One thing I forgot to mention in her birth story  is that our nurse, Kay, said we should name her “Lillian Sparkle” in honor of the 4th. And I have to say that may have not been a bad name, as she has quite the sparkly personality.

Lillian Grace, I could write you an essay but I will just say this. You bring unspeakable amounts of joy into our lives. We are incredibly thankful that you have been entrusted to us and that we get to call you our daughter. Happy first birthday to our sweet, sweet girl.

July 4, 2014 - 8:42 am

ashley dixon - Happy 1st birthday little girl! You are beautiful!!! :)

Creative Market Shop

The last couple years that I’ve been doing photography, I’ve gathered quite the collection of photos! Whether I’m working a wedding or on vacation and see something fun or unique, I snap! Recently, my friend Kelley at Creative Market suggested that I open a shop on their site for people to buy prints. I thought it was a pretty fun idea and figured why the heck not. So that’s what I’m doing! Check out the shop here:  Melissa’s Shop

Here are some of the photos that I plan to start out with!


Chris & Jennine

Let me start with this.
I really, really don’t like shooting weddings. It sounds bad, but hear me out.
You get to spend multiple hours with an awesome couple and all of their people.
I can’t help but develop what I will call “circle envy”
It’s where you really wish you were in their circle of friends.
I usually leave thinking “we could totally be friends, we’re obviously going to hang out all the time!”
(For real though. From the moment I knew they had chickens in their backyard it was instant friendship)
Although you spend most of the time behind the camera, shooting a wedding is really an intimate event. You get watch all these relationships that are in these peoples lives come to this beautiful moment where two people decide to become husband and wife. It is really neat to say the least.

Chris and Jennine actually said “I do” at a courthouse back in December but decided to do the whole wedding thing just a couple weeks ago at Maricopa Manor. Chris is a firefighter and Jennine is a future lawyer. They met online (that is a legit way to meet people these days!) and hit it off. Chris is a super funny dude, and was making Jennine laugh the entire evening, it was incredibly sweet.  Jennine had a unique idea when it came to the ceremony, have four of her closest friends take turns officiating. It was done so beautifully! There were sweet, handmade touches everywhere from the paper hearts lining the aisle to the personalized wine glasses paired with cupcakes.I’ve always said I would never change anything from my wedding day, but that is no longer true. If I did one thing differently, I would have brought in a gelato cart! That may or may not be the most brilliant wedding idea to date.

Thank you, so much, Chris and Jennine for allowing me to be there on your wedding day!