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    Thanks for stopping by. My name is Melissa and photos are pretty much my love language. I picked up a camera five years ago and fell in looooove. I am always learning more about this beautiful thing called photography, it turns out that the more you know..the more there is to know! It's one of the few things in my life that I don't mind constantly learning, relearning and educating myself on. Life is precious and so, so sweet. It's important to have memories you can cherish for years to come. Thats why I think photography is so valuable. I want you to love the images hanging on your walls forever.

    I also want to know you and your story! Where'd you come from? What do you do? Do you prefer hot or iced coffee? What do you want to name your next dog? Do you want to be friends? If someone dared you to hold a tarantula in your hand, would you? Because I really for sure do not think I would ever. Like never ever.

    Here's my story. I'm 29 years old. My husband's name is Josh. He's a hunk. We have two adorable children, Lillian (3) and Micah (9 months) and a cuddly pup, Wrigley. Originally from Chicago suburbs, we moved to Phoenix shortly after we got married in 2009 just to see what would happen. Cut to six years later, my husband is an executive director at our church, I stay home with the kiddos most of the time, we have a house, we heart our crossfit box and have lots of it seems as though we're staying in the desert for a while! All of those facts tell me that I am a responsible adult which is just odd, that seemed to have happened over night. My husband and I are borderline addicted to crossfit. I never pass up a good iced coffee drink. I love organization once it's finished. I hate socks. My heart yearns to travel. Anywhere, really. Ireland, Italy, Greece, New Zealand. Also, one day, my heart says we will go to Africa and bring home a baby.

SLPS and Deaf Educators

This past weekend I got to do a photoshoot with two SLPs
Speech Language Pathologists
I used to think deaf educator was the only cool job to have
But I was wrong
SLPs are pretty cool too
I might be one of those instead when I grow up

These two beautiful ladies quickly became my friends
They needed some professional looking photos so they gave me a shout

I’ll let them show you their professional photos, here are some of our more fun ones

first up is Sarah.

look! They’re friends!

Now Monica.

Not the most flattering photo but gets the point across...were just strictly professional coworkers on serious business :)

 Monica is starting her very own speech clinic
Ladybug Speech Therapy 
How cool, right?
(I’m hopin to get in on some awesome “clinical interactions” with Monica as my SLPA certification requires. That’s right folks, I decided what I’m going to be when I grow up. Part time SLPA  and part time photographer)

Here are some photography sidenotes

1. I am currently accepting a very specific donation
an Apple magic mouse 
I’m pretty much over the logitech wireless

2. I’m also in the market for an external hard drive
any advice?

3. I am in the process of making business cards.

4. I really really REALLY like doing portraits of people. Like A LOT. It’s my favorite. I have some newborn shots coming up, can’t wait!

5. AND I bought official white CD sleeves from Target
No more stapled sheets of paper for my clients.
No, siree.
(is that still a saying?)
Only the best for my clients

I’m totally moving up in the photography world.

April 11, 2012 - 4:13 pm

Nancy Momma Ruesch - love the blog and pics

April 11, 2012 - 4:55 pm

Sarah Hargest - Thanks for the fun experience and amazing photos! You’re the BEST!

April 11, 2012 - 10:25 pm

Madison Kate - Woo! Exciting! I just purchased Lightroom…baby steps here! haha. Maybe one day I’ll reach business card status :)

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