Baby Jack

So I have a friend named Sara
who just also happens to be a coworker
she makes me laugh just about every Wednesday when I get to see her

Sara has been pregnant for the past 9 months
which, as it turned out, makes her even funnier.
she is bold and honest and blunt
(those are all kind of synonyms, huh?  but it works)

Baby Jack arrived almost two weeks ago.

And I got to take some of my first newborn photos!

We’ll dissect the experience after the photos. But I will say this. He pretty much refused to sleep and had his eye on me the entire time.

Jack was more comfy in momma’s arms than in the basket

He was having nothing to do with the cute and cuddly tucked in legs, haha.

One eye on me the entire time!

What I have learned

1. You need A LOT of patience but to get hang out and chat with new moms
2. Newborns aren’t quite accepting of posing as one might assume
3. I can’t do sneak peeks. I do like 50% peeks. Any body have a fun name for that??
4. I get to excited during a shoot and show people the pictures on my camera. This is probably way unprofessional,  maybe later I’ll fix that. But for now I like being excited with the people I’m taking photos of
5. I really like holding babies and want one some day
6. Sara and Travis have caught on super fast to the whole mom and dad thing. Hopefully we’re that lucky 🙂
7. I thought I only had an obsession with ears but apparently I also have an obsession with newborn feet. Seriously. They are precious.

I just ordered business cards yesterday!
People are already putting in their order for how many they would like
woah, nelly, woah.
…and over 40 likes on Facebook?
Not to brag or anything, but it’s kind of a big deal.

AND it’s official! I will be doing a wedding this summer in Flagstaff
green grass, tall trees, beautiful mountains, and awesome people
(who I won’t actually meet in person until the wedding day!!)
I’ll consider that a win!

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