Bowman Family

These are our friends.

Oh, and Brian just happens to be our pastor. But whatever 🙂

We met Brian, Brooke, Bailey, and Brit early in 2011
They had just moved here from Oklahoma, with accents and all, to plant a church.

They very quickly became important people to us and close friends in our lives.
We joined the launch team and cut to 1.5 years later, we are holding community groups in our homes, and having Sunday services!

ValleyLife: Make Disciples. Plant Churches.
check it out

Josh and I love that we have a strong marriage right across the street that helps keep us accountable. The community, or dare I say family, that has developed within VL is amazeballs. I definitely think this is something that was purposefully created to experience.

They also have two dogs.
Bearclaw and Boaz.
They are a bit cray cray but we love them nonetheless.

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