Challenge Day 10

Childhood Memory
I’m a day late. 
I warned you teacher life is busy.
Like really, really busy. 
It’s not all hand prints and finger paint, people.
After hemming and hawwing, I decided that my childhood memory would be dressing up.
(or as us professionals call it, dramatic play)
Fortunately, you don’t have to see me dressed up like a princess.
I’ll save that for my preschoolers.
Who remembers the game Pretty Pretty Princess?
I can’t tell you what that game was about.
But I can tell you I got to put on lots of pretty jewelry, including a crown.
How is that not a good time?
I also thought about taking a photo of a baby doll.
Somehow, I couldn’t fathom how that wouldn’t be creepy.
Technically, there is a blue blob in the background. 
Does that count as day 11: something blue?
It just might if I can’t come up with something else
Yep. That’s how I’m rolling this week.
Heres my shout out to my two mamas:
I am still lovingly referred to as “Princess” by my family members (shout out to birth momma)
It doesn’t even phase me anymore.
My second mama (Laura)took me to get my first manicure, which started a wonderfully bad habit of always wanting one.
Apparently I am getting popular enough that people want shout outs. 
It’s family. But still. Big deal.

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  • momofjenmattSeptember 8, 2011 - 4:57 am

    Yay for my shout out! I wish you would have told the childhood memory of when Daddy Dan left you on a stoop of a casino, now that's a memory! You could have included birth mama Nancy by saying how she didn't even care that Dan left you outside at 10 in some random casino parking lot. And if anyone is reading this comment ( besides you) Melissa aka princess used to make my Bio daughter Jennie, drag her through a lake, that was over both their heads, on a raft. Jennie would be swimming, Melissa on raft. This was after princess Melissa was taken down to the beach by wagon, pulled by her lady in waiting Jennie. She didn't get the name for nothin.ReplyCancel