Challenge Day 12

I’m not as nervous about these photos from today.
If you look closely at the silhouette on the right, you will see our friend Josh. One of my Jedis.
The other Jedi, Kelly, was standing right next me.
With their help with all the settings, it almost guarantees I will get somewhat of a decent photo. 
They are our “last minute friends” so we made plans around 2:00 to have dinner at 5:30. 
It’s a wonderful friendship.
However, there was no way I could pass up the opportunity to pick their smart brains about my smart camera. 
There are people in this photo. I’m proud. 
What did I learn tonight?
It does not always need to be in the middle.
White balance = difference between orange and blue
I’m still not comfortable taking photos of people

Fortunately, I am comfortable taking photos of Frank.
 He sure is pretty, isn’t he?

We have some of the most of beautiful sunsets.
One of the many perks of being a Phoenician, I suppose.
Also, I was informed that “Jedi In Training” is not the correct term.
I, my friends, am a “Padawan”
That sounds way cooler.
Maybe one of these days I will actually pop in a Star Wars movie.
But maybe not.
And by maybe not, I mean probably not gonna happen.
It’s something to strive for though.
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