Challenge Day 13

You and 13 Things
Whenever I thought about this particular day, this photo popped into my head
That’s right, this is what pops in to my mind.
Take a moment to swallow all the wonderful creepiness.
As long as my photo turns out better than this, I consider it a win.
(This is from a creepy Jewish dating website that my second mama found)
Once again, this whole self portrait thing is tricky.
And awkward. And there is no way I will deprive you of the awkwardness.
But it’s ok. Because I had fun.

Taking note of a friends’ modeling skill, haha.

Let me explain the one above. I have my favorite ring on and I wanted to show it off for the camera, then it realized it was on my middle finger and had to quickly change it.
I’m actually shocked that I caught myself before I did it.
So I chose the nice one for the day

 I went outside to take advantage of it NOT being hotter than 110 degrees.
I’ll give a quick rundown of the 13 items, left to right
1: Jewelry-yay for big earrings and fun rings
2. Nutella- chocolate that some people somehow consider healthy? well, alright.
3. Dog Toy- I love my dog and I love buying him toys
4.Rain Boots- I love rain now that I live Phoenix. Go figure.
5. Zumba Top- A zumba instructor near you coming soon!
6. Big girl phone- does fancy things and keeps me connected to people I love
7-10. Things that make me feel girly. LOVE the dark nail polish, best face and body lotion ever and mmm, mmm, I do love smelling good
11. I love my husband and I loved our wedding. and the photos from it.
12. The Bible-good stuff.
13. Book- The Virgin’s Lover. RELAX. It’s about Queen Elizabeth.
Success?I hope so!
I’ll leave you with this gem.
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  • Sincerely_JennieSeptember 12, 2011 - 8:30 am

    You are so cute. Nutella isn't healthy, it's just hazelnut flavored chocolate. Maybe the hazelnut is supposed to be healthy?ReplyCancel