Challenge Day 14

I’m a day late. 
But if all goes as planned, I will have a second post later today for Day 15.
I had fun with eyes. 
His beautiful blue eyes were the first thing I noticed when we met. 
And I told him that. And he thought I was creepy.
But endearing. 
Story of my life.
But anyways. I’m considering this my first professional photo shoot.
Even if I am paid in kisses.
It just so happens kisses are one of my favorite currencies.
Here are some of the oopsie daisies:
sensitive eyes

creepy dark

“Wifey, why do you make me lay on the ground?”

“Seriously, wife. Too bright”
Squinty eyes. Those are his favorite to make 🙂
He was right. It was a little bright which made it PERFECT for practicing some sun glare shots. 
That’s right. I’m using fancy photo terms now.
silly werewolf hubby.

loyal Bears fan. Bear Down!

He may be missing too much of his head. But it’s ok. I still like.
Then there is the infamous “laid back shot”

But here is my favorite photo from the day
He is genuinely good looking, don’t ya think?
Even in a horribly orange shirt.
That’s right. I said it.
I love the Bears, but I also appreciate the fact that blue is probably their main color for a good reason.
Putting all my photos up is super vulnerable, I’ve realized. 
Especially if I say I am proud of them. 
(BUT what if you’re not proud of them??)
I feel like I need to justify why I am proud of them.
So I will do that today.
1. 95% of these were done on manual
2. I played with the white balance
3. None of these are cropped. Yay for rule of thirds naturally!
4. I laid on the ground to get sun glare (I would like to call it sun flare from now on…I feel it is more glamorous).  

Laying on the ground is pretty much the definition of commitment.
I am SO ready for senior portraits, right?
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