Challenge Day 15

We got to see our friends Ben and Steph tonight.
We don’t see them often enough.
But it was the perfect opportunity to branch outside of Josh and Wrigley.
They are wonderfully attractive subjects but it’s getting boring.
Ben and Steph are good friends from college and I love that they live close to us.
(and I was informed this past week that our other friends, Kim and Bryan, have booked tickets and are coming in in December. I’m stoked for our family reunion. Expect too many of photos
Wrigley came to visit before the beautiful sunset.
And Ben happens to be Wrigley’s favorite person.
It’s a beautiful friendship.
We are currently doing the thing couples do best.
Playing nerdy games like Risk. And Settlers of Catan.
I gotta go capture some countries.
I’m half way done with my photo challenge and I am still enjoying myself.
I think this is a start to a beautiful friendship.
I have yet to name my camera, but it is probably going to happen.
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