Challenge Day 16 and 17

Long Exposure
But I had fun trying. 
It turned into me just trying to take pictures at night.
And I figured out how to do the fun swirly things.
way over exposure

spooky Halloween moon.

Oh and I saw my first snake since living in AZ.
On our very own street. 
He was in the process of going to snake heaven so I snapped a photo.

I am pretty positive it was a rattler.
Any experts out there?
Now on to…
I was going to show you all the technology I’m thankful for.
Including how the white balance feature works on my yet-to-be named camera.
But, drinking hot tea sounds better. 
So you just get the short and sweet version.
wireless internet.

light switch. I would need multiple step stools if not for these babies.

hubs is most grateful for access to sports information online
this is a beautiful machine that makes wonderful desserts
yay healthy juice. I also spy a black thing that takes pretty photos
Off to enjoy a cozy, rainy night in phoenix.
If you look in the left column of this page, you will notice a full box of boxes.
Why, you ask?
I have tripled my beginning number.
boo yah.
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