Challenge Day 2

What I Wore Today.
Well, it’s a Monday. So the more like pajamas, the better. 
Enter this comfy dress.
Perhaps not the most flattering, but Pre-school is not about flattery. It’s about comfy in every way possible.
Here are my oops-a-daisies:
Ok. Wait. Let me be honest. Again, this was awkward. And I don’t know if I actually got a good photo or not. So I kinda guessed which one was good (newbie here, k?).
Ok, let’s proceed and I will be more honest. The ones I THINK are my oops-a-daisies:
Why, hello camera strap. I could probably crop it, but I like things authentic 🙂

So here is the one I decided on for the day. The best one? Not sure.  I’m not too impressed but here ya go!
Oh! I forgot my zoolander. Entertainment for everyone involved really.
I’d say it’s appropriate to leave you on this awkward note.
Have a wonderful night, friends!
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