Challenge Day 24

I knew it was gonna be hard with our little monster. 
But I didn’t know it was going to be this hard.
It was kind of ridiculous.

This isn’t even a small fraction of the amount of horribleness I got.
The ratio of bad pictures to not so bad pictures was about 50:1
After a while, I asked for hubbys help.
He was a tad busy with principal school.
As soon as I would figure out the ISO and Aperture and Shutter Speed, he would move!
Darn you, dog!!
I was making all the oddest and loudest sounds in the world to try to get him to look at the camera.
He lost interest in that WAY too fast.
After talking with Liana, one of my Jedis, she confirmed my theory.
You need multiple people to do animal shoots.
And she gave me some good tips.
Maybe next time.
So, here ya go!
If there is irony in real life, this is it.
( I was taught by my high school English teacher that there is no irony in real life. It can only be created within story lines. Otherwise it’s called a coincidence. Take that Alanis Morissette!)
I chose the one decent photo where he is not looking at the camera.
I’m no sure why I was so set on him looking at it.
But the under the table shots are kind of fun to look at.
Here a couple other somewhat decent and/or funny from today.
I’ll let you decide which category they fall under.
this is his favorite position to be held. seriously.

And since we’re on the subject of this crazy animal named Wrigley, here are a few others of him from this past month.
2nd ever photo from yet to be named Rebel 2Ti

another favorite position of his.

Who knew an 8 pound ball of fur could bring so much laughter in your life?
I love my little family.

I forgot! It is Tuesday, September 20th.
Glee is back.
Time to get my Gleek on!
I absolutely love turning into a 13 year old for 1 hour a week.

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  • threadsandbuttonsSeptember 20, 2011 - 9:20 pm

    Haha! Sounds similar to taking photos of toddlers, they want to wiggle all over the place and they don't really care about looking at the camera. I'm always making weird sounds and faces to get their attention. Wrigley is just a little model, and he knows that not looking at the camera makes him look good almost every time 😉ReplyCancel

  • The DuerrsSeptember 21, 2011 - 8:06 pm

    So apparently I should keep practicing with Wrigley before I move on to real children. Noted 🙂ReplyCancel