Challenge Day 25

Something Pink
But not necessarily the fault of my “photography skills”
I can handle that.
So here’s the story.
Last weekend we were with our friends. They made us some chicken.
This chicken was pink.
Like VIVID pink.
I was slightly weirded out at first.
But it tasted so dang delicious!
And it was just from a seasoning packet in the Asian section of the grocery store.
According to my friend, it was “easy to find”
OBVIOUSLY I had found my day 25: something pink.
I ventured to the nearest Albertsons to find what surely would be called 
vivid pink tasty chicken seasoning
No such luck.
I got the closest thing I could find.

Not pink.
Not pink at all.
(and not as tasty)
But see? Not my fault!
I thought 
“Well, as long as I am taking photos of non-pink food I may as well add the rest of my dinner.”
That’s right.
Don’t judge.
Just let it be.
You’ll notice I have no “X-large” photo today.
I just can’t commit to my day 25 photo.
I’m hoping to come back with a vengeance tomorrow.
Hubs and I are taking our weekly coffee date night over to Yogurtini tomorrow night. 
Surely we’ll find something fun and pink to take a picture of.
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