Challenge Day 27

From A Distance
Not gonna lie.
I was expecting a fail.
But I actually enjoy this one! Yay!
We drove out specifically to get this shot.
I have never pulled off to the side of the road to get a photo before.
I’m so artsy, it’s insane.
This is on a road near our house: Happy Valley.
Who doesn’t love that name?
I do think this photo makes the small, fancy Norterra area look much cooler than it really is
But the mountains are wonderful, aren’t they?
I LOVE being able to capture beautiful things.
Here are a couple other photos from my roadside adventure
I don’t think this is water you should drink

Tiny little purple dot on the right hand side is our Harkins theater. I feel it is necessary to point that out for whatever reason.
Off to enjoy a beautiful (but still too hot) night.
Who is also glad it is Friday?
I have 15 followers now!!
I am still finding it way super ODD that people are enjoying my blog.
I might just be a miniature, blog version of Ellen.
Probably true.
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