Challenge Day 28

I went for a nice long 3 mile walk this morning.
The second mile and a half I had 3 buddies.
My hubby, our dogs friend Carlos, and yettobenamed Rebel.
Join us on our walk, won’t you?
It is mostly brown with some green like this

and some mountains like this

But every once in a while you get a pop of color!
like this…
I spy mr. bee

why hello again, mr. bee

this bicycle is just plain ole’ fun

why hello weird little bugs that are thankfully not near our house.

 why hello mrs. butterfly
But here is my favorite from the walk!
I LOVE capturing these beautiful colors.
Want to hear my big birl news??
I got to tag-a-long on a big girl photo shoot with A Moment In Time Photography
I almost peed my pants in nervousness and the excitement that was combined for a magical 20 minute engagement shoot.
This came at the most perfect time.
I’m not gonna lie, I love this photo challenge but inanimate objects are getting old.
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