Challenge Day 6

Low Angle
I have gotten several compliments about my writing.
However. None about my photography.
One. Maybe.
Do I take that as a hint?
I can’t decide.
I’ll just move past that tid bit of information.
Either way you are stuck with me and my photos for 24 more days.
Bummer for you

Here is our cactus. That’s correct.
He is ours (or our neighborhoods. same difference) 
And he has a name. 

I have admired Frank since we moved in almost a year ago
(say what?? Homeowners for almost a year?)
One of the first things I did when I got my big girl camera was run outside to get a picture of him. 
He most definitely deserves a spot in the actual challenge.

Now that I look at it, I think it is blurry. Oops?
(man, this was supposed to be a good one!)

Here is Frank’s runner up photo
Here are a few other photos from our walk tonight..
lovely photo courtesy of Joshua Michael Photography

Also Joshua Michael Photography

For all you Phoenix naysayers: there is some green here!

Frank from a distance

Wrigley: attempting to get farther away from us at all times.
Also, have you heard of pinterest? I have decided it is the internet version of hoarding. 
And I absolutely love it.
(I actually pinned something as I tested the link for this page.)
Can you say a.d.d.i.c.t.i.n.g.?

Oh. and 9 followers now??

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