Challenge Day 7

I’m proud of this one. 
And let me tell you why.
It was my first shot I have taken for the challenge on the “Manual” setting.
I got to do the whole “balance the 3 settings”
As opposed to one of the automatic settings.
For example: my favorite automatic setting is “No Flash”
This is embarrassing information.
But I still don’t know how to turn the flash off  except to have the camera on the no flash setting.
Maybe you can’t? I don’t know. 
You would think I would have looked that up first thing since I hate flash.
But I didn’t. And I still have not.
(Jedi Josh?)
Another thing. 
It took me FOREVER to figure out how to get the photos on to the computer.
I was too scared to put the memory card into the computer for obvious reasons:
1. I would be putting it into the wrong slot
2. I would not be able to eject it
3. I would somehow lose all the photos I had taken and ruin my memory card
Totally realistic fears.
I can’t tell you how long I searched for a USB cord.
Surely I had overlooked it somehow.
I was plugging a HDMI cord into my computer.
Because surely Canon had labeled it wrong and they meant to write USB.
Finally, I broke down. And slid the memory card into the slot I was 90% positive it went into then quickly ejected it.
Let me tell you, that was a nerve wracking 2.5 seconds.
A miniature panic attack may have taken place
To end this embarrassing blog here are some photos from movie and cuddle time with Wrigley today
(since I fall asleep during any movie that is started after 8:00 , I have to finish them the next day).

I’m SO the cool kid.
 this blog is nothing but evidence of that 🙂

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