Challenge Day 8

Bad Habit
There are many of those I could have chosen from.
Trust me.
So I chose three in one. 
Here we go.
“My pantry?” you ask? 
It’s two fold really.
1. I don’t keep this thing as organized as I would like
(perhaps, a label maker should be on the top of my Christmas list)
2. Do you see this large amount of food? Do I use it to make our meals? Rarely.
You can see my collection of egg cartons.
You know, just in case our HOA ever allows us to keep our own egg-laying chickens in our backyard.
Poor pantry organization and failure to use what I have.
Now let’s take a closer look into this pantry to find my third bad habit.
Chocolate is so dang delicious!
In moderation, of course 🙂
You may get lucky and get a PART 2 of challenge day 8.
In t-minus 2 hours, we will be at a friends house. 
Who just so happens to be a local, organic baker.
And she is generously making me triple espresso brownies to put in my belly.
So she can get her reusable Copco cup back. That’s right. I held it hostage.
I want me some espresso brownies, dang it!
Also, I did manual setting again today!
Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Go (Jedi In Training) me!
I’m sure my hubby found it odd to hear his wife mumbling to herself in front of the pantry:
“hmm..dark…ISO? less? more?”
“well that was a super slow click. not cool.”
“big fraction? …maybe little fraction?”
“what is that F for again?”
I gotta get better at this whole manual thing.
So from now on…
It’s all manual. All the time.
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  • ArroyaleeSeptember 4, 2011 - 4:24 pm

    Its driving me crazy that I can't find the chocolate in your pantry pic! Lol!ReplyCancel

  • The DuerrsSeptember 4, 2011 - 8:49 pm

    That's funny! They are actually hidden behind the almonds and pistachios on the 4th shelf down. I had to move some things in order to take a decent picture.Oops!ReplyCancel