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Chris & Jennine

Let me start with this.
I really, really don’t like shooting weddings. It sounds bad, but hear me out.
You get to spend multiple hours with an awesome couple and all of their people.
I can’t help but develop what I will call “circle envy”
It’s where you really wish you were in their circle of friends.
I usually leave thinking “we could totally be friends, we’re obviously going to hang out all the time!”
(For real though. From the moment I knew they had chickens in their backyard it was instant friendship)
Although you spend most of the time behind the camera, shooting a wedding is really an intimate event. You get watch all these relationships that are in these peoples lives come to this beautiful moment where two people decide to become husband and wife. It is really neat to say the least.

Chris and Jennine actually said “I do” at a courthouse back in December but decided to do the whole wedding thing just a couple weeks ago at Maricopa Manor. Chris is a firefighter and Jennine is a future lawyer. They met online (that is a legit way to meet people these days!) and hit it off. Chris is a super funny dude, and was making Jennine laugh the entire evening, it was incredibly sweet.  Jennine had a unique idea when it came to the ceremony, have four of her closest friends take turns officiating. It was done so beautifully! There were sweet, handmade touches everywhere from the paper hearts lining the aisle to the personalized wine glasses paired with cupcakes.I’ve always said I would never change anything from my wedding day, but that is no longer true. If I did one thing differently, I would have brought in a gelato cart! That may or may not be the most brilliant wedding idea to date.

Thank you, so much, Chris and Jennine for allowing me to be there on your wedding day!

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