Day 26

Close Up
So Josh and I went a little crazy and instead of going to our usual coffee house for Thursday date night, we went over to an old favorite, Yogurtini.
If you have yet to try a yogurt bar, you need to go stat. 
They are delish and it CAN BE way healthier and way cheaper than the place that rhymes with “Boldstone.”

I got a new something pink photo.
My hubbys delicious, not so healthy, treat.
Now technically, I could also use this as my close up for today.
I can’t cheat you like that.
So here is a close up of their beautiful huge cup.
Or should I say bucket.
Here are a few other photos from our date tonight. 
This was the first time I have ventured out in public with my yet to be named Rebel 2Ti
(who is thinking “yettobenamed” is starting to sound like a good name)
pretty AZ sunset

not much healthier than Josh’s yogurt treat

If you haven’t noticed by now
I take a lot of awkward photos.
A lot.
Some say cute, I say awkward.
But I realized I haven’t posted any of Josh’s awkward photos.
So in all fairness…
FYI he is aware that I am posting a not great photo but he has not seen it yet.
I think it will be better as a surprise. Don’t you?
So if you happen to come back in ten minutes and it’s gone….:)
Also, I should probably get some sort of mula for all the advertising I’m giving Yogurtini. Obviously my 2 devoted followers will make a huge change in their profit.
I forgot to mention two things yesterday!
1. Happy first day of fall!!!! Yay! That means I get to start decorating my house!
Thanks Target dollar section!
2. In one month from yesterday, I will be a certified Zumba instructor. 
Which means I will be in full swing pre-mid life crisis.
Bring it on.
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  • meme-and-heSeptember 23, 2011 - 7:40 am

    love your photos, but more importantly: you are going to be a zumba instructor?! JEALOUS!! I love zumba. its the only way I can exercise. I will now be living vicariously through you 🙂ReplyCancel