DIY Padawan?

I take the (more than) occasional trip to the one and only
You know it and love it, just like me.
And if you don’t know it yet, you will love it.

There are many benefits to “pinteresting”
1. Makes online hoarding doable, acceptable and even somewhat cool
2. Gives you plenty of yummy recipes
3. Makes you feel capable of being crafty

I have been feeling in a “fallish” mood and stumbled upon this little, fun pretty

I was determined to actually do a DIY project so off I went to hobby lobby to get the goods.

half wrapped “D” and my photo of inspiration

After lots of hot glue gun burns and some frustration, here is what I ended with

I have yet to decide if it is too many patterns all at once. 
It’s funny how you second guess EVERYTHING when you decide to put it on the internet.

But for now, it’s on my door 🙂

Honestly though, too many hot glue gun burns to not hang it somewhere.

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  • Sincerely_JennieOctober 15, 2011 - 9:59 am

    I think it's super cute! My favorite pinterest-learned decor project is SUPER easy, and I have become complete addicted. Just buy canvas (you know, like, for a painting), a cool-looking fabric. Wrap the fabric around the canvass (like you are wrapping a present) an staple-gun to the back. Viola, instant, cool-looking art. It's REALLY cheap, REALLY quick, and REALLY easy! Plus, it gives you an excuse to buy small quantities of funky-looking fabrics and to make mix-and-match wall art. I am addicted. I made like 10 wall hangings using this technique.ReplyCancel