Jedi In Training

N. Jedi
  1. warrior that fights for the good of humanity in the world
  2.   respected by people all over the galaxy, and are considered wise and authoritive 
  3. gifted with heightened sensitivity to and awareness of “The Force”   

The force. As in photography. Totally makes sense, right?

I feel this accurately describes all the people I will be listing below 🙂 Each person is not only gifted and respected in the area of photography, they have been great encouragement, or cheerleaders if you will, for my little personal photo journey.  
  • Josh and Kelley: first of all, they are some of our very first Phoenix friends and I love the friendship that we have developed with this awesome couple. Josh does all the technical stuff and Kelley likes to snap a camera at pretty things and it ends up awesome. They recently joined radiant photography team. Kind of rock star, right? And here they are being introduced on their blog.  Josh is so patient and is willing to spend time teaching me all the technical stuff!
  • Liana: Liana is a fun, new friend who is also a rock star in her own right. She has her own photography company, A Moment In Time. I nervously asked her if she would be my official photography mentor and she said yes!! It was kind of like a proposal. And I think she might be more excited than me sometimes. She helped me figure out what package to buy and where I could find the best deal! She is also going to graciously take me on shoots and talk me through every thing I need to know.
  • Krista: Also a newer friend as well as a coworker of my hubsters. She is starting her own business, Bella Foto.  We have had a few chats about technical things and she is going to be someone I also take lots of notes from.
  • Tommy: A close friend from high school who recently moved to New York to get into fashion photography. Not sure I can do that, BUT he has been very encouraging and is very talented! You can see some of his work here. Underwater photography? Crazy cool!

I am pretty positive I have “The Force” with me.
See. Jedi IS the appropriate term to use. 
Lucky + Blessed = This Girl
A.K.A. Jedi in training

Having my own website and all of that is like a way, way distant dream 
(I may or may not have named my company already. Shh. A girl can dream, right?)
I know, I know. It is only day 5 of the challenge.
I need to tell myself to chill.
I don’t know if I have the skill yet. And that’s ok. Like I said before. I will own it and accept it if I am not cut out.  As long as I don’t wake up a 70 year old woman and ask myself, “What if?” 
(insert great article that one of my favorite Bowmans found)
Call it what you will. 
I will refer to it as my pre-mid life crisis

But I am pretty sure my Jedis will keep me in the know and I trust they will be honest with me. 
One day the good photos will outweigh the not-so-good photos. 
It will be a wonderful day.

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