Joiner Family

We met the Joiner family when we first moved to Arizona.

Krista was literally one of the very first people to talk to us and be our friend
We were the odd ones out from IL and she made us feel right at home
plus her and I had the special ed connection thing going

It’s weird, and time warpish, that Ryan and Krista now have a 2 year old named Jonathon!

We met up at Anthem park for some photos, but I think exploring was the main thing on Jonathan’s mind.
He is one curious little man and I loved it!
Whats even greater is that he is just old enough to understand how to smile and look at the camera when needed
which makes my job just a little easier 🙂

We had a great time catching up with this family and enjoying the beautiful AZ december weather
(I still find it slightly odd that you can wear shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops in December. I guess I will always be a true Chicagoan at heart)

Thank you, Joiners, for choosing to hang out with us for an hour!

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