Mahomet? Seriously? :)

After some delicious Monicals pizza, we headed over to some close friends from college.
Kim and Bry.

Remember when I said that I lived with some lifelong friends at the top of Watterson Towers?
Yep, Kim was one of them
(the other was Stephanie. Those beautiful german shepard mix pups I blogged about are her and her husbands)

All six of us were close through out college and were in each others weddings and our friendships have continued since.

Except for the fact that Kim and Bry did not get the memo that we were all suppose to relocate to Phoenix.  

Instead they chose Mahomet, Illinois.
Kinda sounds the same, right??
But seriously… Mahomet?

We had an awesome time just hanging out and chatting
(and Kim taught me how to use wordpress and my Facebook page…I’m pretty much hopeless when it comes to working social media. For real. If it wasn’t for all my jedis I have, I would still be sitting here trying to figure out how to turn my camera on)

The next morning we went out to a fun bridge and played photography for a bit before Kim headed off to work.

We like Pokey the dog!

See? We really are friends, she isn

At least Mahomet has a cool bridge.

Don’t I have the prettiest, most lovely, friend?
(you should probably check out my page for a couple of the black and whites)

She should start a blog because about artsy creativeness because that’s her expertise.
She paints and stencils walls and paints trees on a walls and paints chairs and doors cool colors.
And does it all on a friendly budget.

Then she wanted to play photographer.

She also took the photo that is on the “About Me” page.

Check it out.

It is fairly evident that we have difficulty taking a normal picture.
Maybe thats why I choose to be behind the camera 90% of the time.
Although it is fun to play (somewhat awkward) models every once in a while.

I have learned that there is no shame in asking people to take pictures of you.
I use to think it was weird.
Even on my wedding day, it was a weird concept that I asked these people to come to an event that was all about us and take pictures of us and then make an album about us.
But I get it now. It is important to have those memories.
So I don’t care how awkward it is for you, it’s not awkward for me.
And hopefully I can make standing in front of a camera less awkward for you.

So I would love for you to ask me to take pictures of you
and then edit pictures of you
and then post pictures of you on facebook
and then send you a CD of pictures of you 

I’m not quite yet to the point where I can make an album for you
(check back in anywhere from 6 months to 10 years)

P.S. Don’t you just love the plug for the “About Me” page and the Facebook page (which you can easily get to from the side bar on the right hand side)?
Kim help me set all those puppies up so you should probably visit them in honor of her greatness…
and then Like them
and love them
and visit them often.

And then one day Kim will have her awesome artsy creativeness blog that I will refer my 2 followers to!

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