Mitchell Family

I decided to do a little session giveaway on my Instagram account to celebrate reopening shop again! I tore up all the names and placed them in the bowl. And picked out the Mitchell family! We know Suz through crossfit. She’s a beast (don’t worry, it’s totally ok, actually a good thing, to call a girl that in crossfit) and my goal is to be like her some day. She has a pretty funny husband, Jake and their adorable kids, Jacob and Audrey. We found a little hiking trail near their house and just started going. It was so much fun and so, so easy. You would think they are in front of the camera all the time. It was fun to see how different Jacob and Audrey are. Jacob was very intentional and focused on small things like the ants in front of him, and Audrey was on a mission to go. It didn’t even really matter where as long as she was moving. Jacob had to go rescue her a couple times, he is such a sweet and gentle big brother 🙂 In between jokes and Audrey trying to escape, we snagged some cute family shots. It is pretty clear the Mitchell family has a lot of fun together. A LOT.

I’m fairly certain I actually won the whole Instagram giveaway deal.


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