The Grand Finale! Part A

Self Portrait

There are so many things I want to cover that I made part A just in case I forget something and need to make a part B.
So like I said at the very, very beginning.
It’s a process people.
I can’t believe I have learned SO much and still have no idea what I am doing all at the same time 🙂
I have learned there are lots of different settings to adjust and what there names are. 
Inanimate objects are beautiful but are getting SUPER boring. Time to move on to people
My husband gets bored really fast when he is my human subject. 
Technical terms like bokeh.
How to appreciate good lighting outside.
It’s no fun to take photos inside
I’m too scared to ask people if I can take their photo. Even though I really want to practice.
Editing can really help fix an oops. and I would like to have a better photo editing program.
Apparent some people think I am good at writing. That’s hilarious in itself.

Overall though, I feel this accurately describes how I feel when opening my Canon camera bag.

This really is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship 🙂

I SO completely and naively thought that self portait on the last day would be much easier and way less awkward.
It was horrendous, and I felt like I was doing a trashy myspace photo all over again.
Let’s enjoy these gems, shall we?

I wish I could tell you that was all of the not-so-good. 
There was this times about 40.
I don’t think self portraits are meant to be flattering or easy.
I’ve decided it’s next to impossible.

They got a little better eventually.

And I will leave you with the two. 
(I guess I can consider that a win…I’m ending this with two photos…of me of all people)
My hubby likes one and I like the other. Can you guess who likes which one?

I don’t think the above one is the best. And I don’t think it is an awesome photo of me.
But it is the most natural.
and that is my goal.
To capture the natural beauty that does exist in this world.
I have so much more to learn and am so excited to learn it.

Oh and without further ado. 
And much deliberation.
The name of my “yettobenamed” Canon Rebel is
She is named after a housekeeper on a reality show called Flipping Out.
Here is clip of her. (Viewer discretion advised :))
She is spunky and fun and has an attitude and is beautiful
And has an accent.
My camera would be all of those things and more.

Thanks for reading my crazy rants and putting up with me for 30 days.
This happy padawan greatly appreciates it.
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