Turri Family

This is the Turri Family
Steve, Lani, and Naomi

I met Lani at work 2 1/2 years ago.
I was an HI teacher in the VI teacher row.
She kind of intimidated me, actually
being the cool kid on the block and all

and then one fateful spring break week where we were the only two people in the office we got to know each other

after talking weddings and married life, we got to buying houses
the conversation went like this

Lani: You should come live up by us, it’s kinda north but we like it. AND we know a really awesome realtor
Me: No. Too far
Lani: You probably will though and then you’ll be our neighbors
Me: But probably not

Cut to 6 months later we’re sitting in an office with their realtor buying a house a mile away from theirs
I wish I was joking.
Actually, I don’t. I love our house and I love that the Turris are our neighbors.

And you want to know what else?
Steve rocks.
This very website you are looking at right now would not exist if it were not for him.
I actually do wish I am joking on this.
But if it weren’t for him, I would probably be rocking back and forth in a corner and my computer would be in pieces on the floor.
and my domain would be pointing in 10 different directions
I am seriously that challenged when it comes to website stuff.

Then about a year ago, they had Naomi.
gentle like her momma
and silly like her dad

Because of how much of a blessing they have been to us, doing a family session was the least that I could do!


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