VanDyne Family

I headed out with Aaron, Faith, Khloe, and Easton to Thunderbird Park. I have always wanted to shoot there but have always chosen another location for whatever reason. There are SO many options but we stayed in the little common area and it was great! I’m actually bringing my mini families on Sunday now too.

I’ve met the VanDyne’s via Crossfit (shocking, right?!) and I have a little crush on their family because their children have the same age difference as ours but just a couple years older. Easton also totally reminds me of Micah, it’s something in those sweet baby cheeks…and he is a momma’s boy for sure. Khloe and Easton are total siblings, playing one minute and picking on each other the next. Aaron and Faith handle the crazy of two little ones like champs! Faith is a massage therapist and is a freakin make-up prodigy. I always think there is something my clients could teach me, and how to do perfect make-up is Faith’s jam. Thank you VanDyne family for checking out Thunderbird Park with me!


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