Voitik Family

I met up with the Voitiks in the desert on Saturday. Get this, Lindsay found me on google. GOOGLE. How cool is that?! It turns out that we have a couple friends in common…and that I did both of their family’s photos as well! What a small world.

Anyways! We found a trail and explored for a bit. Kaylie was home from college and you can tell she was missed. This family was the sweetest and you could tell they were happy to be back together. After almost every family session, I leave admiring something special about the family. How much they laughed together was so sweet and encouraging. And it wouldn’t have been complete without a stick fight and tickle sessions, that’s just how it goes with a four year old and five year old. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Real life, people. Oh and I didn’t realize what it was at the time, but we got a little taste of the super moon!

Thank you, Voitiks, for hanging out with me and my camera.


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