Originally from Chicago. Teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing turned self taught wedding photographer and small business owner. "Ivy" is my middle name and I had always wanted to use it in a fun way. Enter my business. Enneagram 9 (but I 7 so hard.. don't threaten me with a good time). Things that bring me joy include, but are not limited to: my family, iced coffee, shaking my groove thang, Jesus, a good hearty laugh, traveling, and Crossfit. I have a fantastic tribe that loves me so good. Wedding photography has granted me access to some of the most amazing people in my life. And I am forever thankful.

Melissa Ivy

littles • cutest humans

Lillian & Micah

husband • MIP's biggest cheerleader


Also loves the Cubs. College sweethearts. Our favorite date night is going to see a stand up comedian. 

6 & 4. Favorite activities include playing with mom and dad, gymnastics, and snacks.

My Couples

MI Couples are fun, relaxed, pay attention to detail, love to laugh and are all around pretty epic! 

I  take building families and bringing joy very seriously.

Wedding photographers are so much more than a warm body with a nice camera.

Your wedding day should be the most fun you'll ever have as you start this new chapter of your life and your time in front of the camera should feel natural, comfortable, and exciting! That's where I come in.

You need to not only trust their vision as an artist, but also enjoy their company! After all, next to your bridal party, you're kind of spending most of your day with them. Being fun is non-negotiable!

I know how tricky it can be to find the right wedding photographer

These images are going to tell the beginning of your love story.

My style consists of bright images, rich colors, and neutral skin tones.

I hear too many horror stories of couples who regret having a friend do it for free and coming up with no useable images. These won't just simply be your phone's background and quickly forgotten about. These portraits will be carefully framed and hung on your wall. They will be placed in an album to one day share with your children and grandchildren.

I work with both digital and film photography on my couple's wedding days. My greatest care is that you enjoy yourselves. I want you and your new husband to look amazing and I work hard to find beautiful light to help me do so. I can always guarantee plenty of cuddling, nose to nose, whispers and laughs!

I know how tricky it can be to find the right wedding photographer

My couples are precious to me and their security is top priority.

I may not be queen of the world but I can promise you a few things. My second photographers are always capable to take lead on the wedding day should an emergency arise, all photos are backed up the same night of the wedding, and once the online gallery is delivered, you have the freedom to print wherever you'd like. Although I ask you avoid places like Walmart or Walgreens. For some reason they just don't care about your skin tones as much as I do. I am always happy to offer suggestions to my couples!

I know how tricky it can be to find the right wedding photographer

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