It is so good to meet you.

Who are those other people?

Josh, my hubs. Lillian and Micah. Our littles. Those are my people and I love them all kinds of fierce. 

How did you get into photography?

I was two years into my career and feeling less than satisfied. I had always been interested in photography but had never been able to pursue it. I made a decision. I saved up, bought my first big girl camera, and asked a couple people who were amazing to be my mentors. Praise Jesus, they said yes and started teaching me everything they knew. Cut to five years later, I still love, love, LOVE it. There is always more to learn and ways you can improve, but I love the challenge.

Ok, but who are you?

Originally from Chicago, my husband, Josh,  and I moved out to Phoenix shortly after we got married in 2009. Since then we have aquired a dog, a home we love, helped plant a church, and have had two children! I work part time as a teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing but spend most of my time at home with our littles. If not at home, you will most likely find me at crossfit, church, or sipping on a fun iced coffee drink with my friends at our local coffee joint. 

Any other fun facts?

I am an INFJ. Gifts and time are my love languages. I'm way terrible at math. I hate socks (Phoenix FTW). I think traveling to lots of places is completely realistic and hope to do that one day. Adopting a baby is on our heart and I'm excitedly anxious to see if and how God works that out one day. Some of my totally real best friends are Mindy Lahiri, Rachel Green, and Ron Swanson ;)