We decided to hang out around our alma mater in between visits with friends.

Even though we’ve only been gone for a couple years, things changed too much for my taste.

See some of our favorite ilstu things.

the quad

Watterson Towers: my dorm sophomore year. 25 floors high, baby. I lived at the tippy top of that ginormous thing with some lifelong friends

experiencing watterson towers wind tunnel all over again

the watterson wind tunnel means serious business...these trees are stuck this way

uptown normal

degarmo: the education building

Fusion Brew: one of the places I miss the most. If anyone knows a good, legit bubble tea place in Phoenix...let me in on the secret

most important place of all :)

The best is always saved for last.

This above Subway in Watterson towers is the exact place we met for the very first time.

That’s right, kids. This is where it all started.
A sophomore sandwich artist and an innocent college freshman.

If only we could have actually gotten in
(they have fobs to get into the dorm now…what the heck is that all about? who needs safety?)
I would probably have made us recreate how we met so we could capture that special moment for all of you.
Let’s just say Josh is thankful the campus was on spring break.

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  • Nancy Momma RueschMarch 27, 2012 - 8:20 pm

    Wow you must feel like you are getting old – I sure do. Great pics and I miss visiting you there but like visiting AZ too!ReplyCancel