Meet Lucy Renee

I met and spent some time with precious baby Lucy this past week! She was nice and cozy in her mama’s tummy and was in no hurry to meet the rest of the world. She finally arrived on October 5th weighing in at 9 lbs! First we spent some time in her nursery, then we headed out to The Grove, a beautiful church in the east valley. They have a stunning grove out front which isn’t exactly something that is easy to find here in the desert. Lucy slept the entire time, which made life pretty simple while I got some “work” done. I’m not a super fancy expert newborn photographer but I felt like a creative vision was able to come to fruition. And it feels good! Zach and Katie are so kind and if they didn’t live across the world in Texas, uhm I mean the east valley ;), I’d probably have her be my bestie. Thank you Zach, for putting up with me and my camera in your face, you rocked it. And Katie, you are just a natural mama for sure. Lucy is a lucky lady. Thank you for trusting me with capturing this special moment in your life, and congratulations on beautiful Lucy Renee!


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