Choosing Your Spring Wedding Color Palette

Choosing Your Spring Wedding Color Palette

If you are planning a spring wedding, you have a multitude of choices for your color palette. In spring, there are flowers of every color in bloom so anything goes. However, there are a few color palettes that are a bit more popular than the others. Here are some of the hottest spring wedding color palettes this season, with some photos for inspiration.


Choosing Your Spring Wedding Color Palette

Our first choice is a classic. Spring weddings will always look amazing with a pastel color palette. Light pinks, blues, yellows, and more are a soft, romantic style. If you love the look of pastels but want your big day to be a bit more modern, try mixing in a bold pop of color. Jewel tones work great for this. A deep purple, sapphire blue, or emerald green would work beautifully.

Blue and Yellow

Choosing Your Spring Wedding Color Palette

This color palette has been popular in home decor for a few years now. It makes sense that as this pairing became more prevalent in our everyday surroundings that more people would begin using it for their weddings. Blue and yellow are a fun combo and offer a crisp contrast for your wedding photos.

Lilac and Lavender

Choosing Your Spring Wedding Color Palette

Nothing sets an ethereal tone for your wedding like a color palette consisting of all the light purples. If you love the idea but want a more diverse color palette, consider adding in an accent color of rose or baby pink. If you always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding, this color palette will suit you well.

Emerald Green and Mustard

Choosing Your Spring Wedding Color Palette

Traditionally, these have been more closely associated with fall weddings, but it’s 2021 and the popularity of these colors has broken them out of the box of fall only. These colors particularly seem to have the ability to look great on any skin tone. That means your bridesmaids will likely thank you for giving them something to wear that they can rock. 

White and Green

Choosing Your Spring Wedding Color Palette

If you want a simple, clean look then a white and green color palette may be a good option for you. Think tons of greenery and white flowers, green bridesmaids dresses with white accents, and green bow ties for the groomsmen paired with a white boutonniere. 

Coral and Teal

Choosing Your Spring Wedding Color Palette

This is another rich color palette that tends to look great in photos. These colors evoke the brightness of spring flowers and make vibrant tablescapes. If you like this color scheme but are looking for a more muted palette you can always go with the longtime wedding favorites of dusty rose and dusty blue. 

Do You

As always, there is no right or wrong color palette for spring. No matter the season you should choose colors that make you happy. Pick the color palette that makes your heart sing. You will be looking at those wedding photos for a long time so don’t let trends or traditions dictate your choices. This is YOUR day, after all. 

If you are looking for a wedding photographer to shoot your spring wedding, I’d love to chat and see if your vision matches well with my style. I love helping couples capture the joy of their wedding day. Let’s chat!

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