Family Shoot!

It’s been a fun couple weeks.
I’ve been on break.
Josh has been on break.
So we play.
Or become semi-permanant couch potatoes.
Call what you will, I call it a-maz-ing.
Relaxation at it’s finest.
Unfortunately, Josh went back to work this past week.
But I did have a few fun things on my to-do list.
1. repaint the laundry room (which was definitely more work than I had bargained for but worth it. I think?)
2. help Jedi Liana get ready for the Bridal Expo (which was total madness FYI)
3. get some good editing tips/lessons from Jedi Liana
I was just about to get started on painting when I got a call from my friend, who I will call J-Lo just for funsies.
(her name is Joy and her last name starts with lo. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to make that connection)
She had some friends that needed some last minute family photos for their son who had just turned one.
(Back up, back up….I had met momma and baby before this and knew who she was talking about)
Let me just say this is what went through my head…
“So you are telling me I get to add photos of one of the cutest babies ever to my budding portfolio?”
Two days later I found myself at Anthem park with this fun family.
Here are a couple of my favorites.
You try to tell me he isn’t one of the cutest one year olds.
Family Shoot!
Family Shoot!
Family Shoot!
Family Shoot!
this may be one of my favorites
Family Shoot!
a treasure that was found in the grass
Family Shoot!
Family Shoot!
after a while, it was time to snack on a stick
Family Shoot!
Love him.
Love the family.
(Learning to) love editing.
Actually, I’m lying. I love editing. It’s the user errors that are no fun (and cheap wireless mouses? meece? mice?)
But that will get better over time.
And maybe I’ll stinkin stop way OVER ANALYZING everything I do.
I annoy myself.
Oh. and still no zumba job.
(why is one not just falling in my lap? For real.)
Yep. I’m that (un) cool.
Come join me in my kitchen every Wednesday night at 6:30 to shake what your momma gave ya.

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