Five Promises I Make To All Of My Couples

It can be so scary to find a photographer for your wedding day. You need to love their vision as an artist, as well as get a long with and trust them as a person. You want images that are stunning and timeless and don’t want to feel awkward. That’s where I come in. My couples are precious to me and I want nothing else but for them to feel secure, confident, and loved throughout their entire photographic experience. Here are the promises I make to all of my MI couples:

ONE || When I arrive, you will get the biggest hug of ever! I’m so excited that your wedding day is finally here! And then I will take all of your beautiful, carefully selected details (invitation suite, shoes, rings, etc.) and get to work photographing your day!

TWO || We will have fun and laugh, a lot! You will feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Most importantly, you will feel the most beautiful and the most handsome, ever. Who likes awkward? Not me! We will find your inner models! and I think it will be even easier than you think!

THREE || You two are my top priority and I will care deeply for you and your fiancé. I’ve been known to help figure out the bustle, help get a stain out of a bridesmaid dress, and grab a water for the flower girl. I’ll put hair back in place and carry your bouquet when it gets a little too heavy. I will do whatever it takes to not only make your day stress free, but also ensure that you enjoy it to the fullest!

FOUR || Come the reception, there’s a solid chance my eyes will well up with tears during the speeches and a 1000% chance I’ll end up on the dance floor for almost any group line dance.

FIVE|| Once all is said and done, you will have timeless images. I will work my absolute hardest to capture all the moments of your day. I understand the weight of what I am responsible for and I do not take this task lightly. I will do what I need to do to ensure that you have images that will stand the test of time. They will be carefully selected for an album, as well as carefully framed and hung on your wall.

This last one isn’t a promise but it is a truth. I meet the most wonderful couples and people because of wedding photography. I am so thankful to spend such a special day celebrating with the VIPs! I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else than with you on your wedding day!

Five Promises I Make To All Of My Couples
Gotta Get Those Details!
Five Promises I Make To All Of My Couples
Photo Cred: Robert Godridge Photography 🙂

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