Questions to Ask a Prospective Wedding Planner

If you are engaged, congratulations! This exciting time between proposal and wedding day will most likely fly by in a blur. One of the most helpful things you can do to prepare for your big day is to hire a wedding planner. 

Questions to Ask a Prospective Wedding Planner

Conduct Some Interviews

As with any vendor, you want to make sure you hire the perfect wedding planner for you that will help turn your vision into a reality. You don’t want to just go with the first person that shows up on Google. My advice is to create a list based on references from friends, portfolios you like online, and the advice of other vendors. (I’d be happy to share some great planners with you!) Once you have a few names, set up some interviews. 

Questions to Ask a Prospective Wedding Planner
Questions to Ask a Prospective Wedding Planner

Ask the Right Questions

I’ve compiled a list of questions you will want to ask. You will have your own questions as well that relate to your personal vision. These are just a few general questions to give you a good idea about what service will look like if you choose this provider. Remember, none of these have to be deal-breakers. For example, a wedding planner may have only planned 4 weddings but if they were amazing and their style really meshes with your vision, they could be a wonderful choice for you. Take notes at your meeting. Chances are you won’t remember all their answers and once you’ve talked with a few wedding planners all their answers may run together.

Questions to Ask a Prospective Wedding Planner

What to Ask

  1. Is our date available?
  2. How many other weddings will you be working on in the month of our wedding?
  3. How many weddings have you planned?
  4. What level of planning do you provide? What exactly is included?
  5. How many meetings do you offer prior to the wedding?
  6. How will communication take place?
  7. What different styles of weddings have you done?
  8. May we see some examples of your work?
  9. What is the cost of your services? 
  10. How much is the deposit?
  11. Do you have preferred vendors? 
  12. If so, do we have to use them?
  13. Have you ever worked with the venue we’ve chosen?
  14. Will you accompany us as we meet with vendors to make sure everything is ideal or will you prep us to go ourselves without you?
  15. Can you provide us with a timeline?
  16. What time will you arrive and leave on the day of our wedding?
  17. Will you bring any assistants with you?
  18. What is the contingency plan for bad weather, illness (yours or mine), cancelation, etc.?
  19. Are you insured?
  20. What do you need from us?
Questions to Ask a Prospective Wedding Planner

Make Your Plans!

Once you find the wedding planner that you and your fiance both want to work with, get to planning. Time will fly by faster than you think. If you are looking for a photographer for your big day, give me a call. I suggest you interview me too. You want to make sure you choose a photographer that aligns with your vision. It could be me but if not that’s ok too. Congratulations again!

Questions to Ask a Prospective Wedding Planner

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