So Excited.

I am so stinkin excited.
I entered to win a absolutely fabulous bag designed specifically for cameras.
(On this blog)
First of all, let’s just state the obvious.
I could NEVER afford this 3 digit number
(not that it’s not worth it, just not in my oh-so-glorious teacher budget)
but I had seen ONA before and thought they just looked like wonderful.
Especially the plum color.
(Random fact: I am consistently teased by close friends, and the hubs, about having a different favorite color every week)
I think plum is a beautiful color to wear.
But red (and yellow) will always remain first in my heart.
Long story short,
This little padawan right here.
I’m so excited I think I’ll post a couple more photos that this little ole padawan has taken from this little ole big girl camera that will soon have a beautiful new home!
So Excited.
So Excited.
So Excited.
I sure do hope I am “earning the respect” of a new lens.
Did ya all know I still almost pee my pants when I hit the submit button for a post with pictures.
That’s fun fact #2 for the day.
Oh! We need a new photo up top. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED our wedding but it’s about time. Anybody like to play photographer like me and would like to snap a few of us in the next couple weeks, por favor??
I totally would, but, let’s be honest, we all saw how the self portrait turned out.

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