Three Perks To Having A Wedding Planner

Three Perks To Having A Wedding Planner
Ashley, head wedding planner at Your Jubilee assisting a bride

Often times I am asked “Should we hire a wedding planner to help design our day?” My answer is always a resounding “HECK YES!”

Above all, they help alleviate stress which leads to a wedding day filled with joy! It is truly amazing what they are capable of. Here are my three favorite reasons to have a wedding planner who help design your wedding!


Just like photography is my jam, planning a wedding is their jam. This may be your first rodeo, but it certainly is not theirs. Their job is to take your #weddingdaygoals and bring them to life…better than you could even imagine! You may even be surprised at the ideas they come up with! They aren’t just incredibly organized, they are super creative! For instance, I had a wedding planner dream up a color scheme that I could never have imagined!

2. Expertise

They have the best insider knowledge and know the best vendors around. Venues, DJs, Stationary, Florists, etc. They have worked with them all and know the best of the best! Do you have a tricky situation with family? They most likely have seen it and dealt with it, and have some advice on how to handle it.

3. Stress Free Day

They are always five steps ahead on your wedding day. Instead of mom or a bridesmaid, or worst of all, the bride, making sure name cards are set or cake has arrived, they are on it! Your only job is to enjoy the day! In addition, if there is a situation that needs immediate attention, again, they are on it! Crisis diverted.

Who can you trust with such a special day in your life? Well here are three tried and true wedding planning companies local to Arizona.

  1. Your Jubilee: A team of talented and creative wedding professionals who make wedding planning fun
  2. A Day To Cherish Weddings: A a team of advocates providing a boutique planning process
  3. Meant2Be Events: Designing, coordinating, and managing incredible experiences for your wedding day

In conclusion, a wedding planner plays such a large role in the wedding planning process and provides immeasurable value to your wedding day. From making your dreams come true to putting out fires on the wedding day, you not only need a wedding planner, you deserve a wedding planner!

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