What Is My Wedding Photographer Thinking?!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be on the other side of the wedding day?! What is it like to be on the photographer’s side? Here’s a little peak into the wedding photographer life on the wedding day! Although the wedding day timeline is planned out almost to the minute, the wedding photographers main job on the wedding day is flexibility! Here’s a little look into the typical wedding photographer’s work day!

Morning Of:
It is a wonderful day to be a wedding photographer! It’s going to be a great day!
Got my camera? Check!
Got my lenses? Check!
Got my batteries and memory cards? Check!
Time to find an outfit. It needs to be equally professional and able to roll in the grass at any given moment.
Alright time to go!Let pack it all up!
Got my camera? Check!
Got my lenses? Check!
Got my batteries and memory cards? Check!

Driving in the car:
I left my batteries at home. I just know it. NO! You checked at least three times. They are in your suitcase like they always are.
*Calls husband to double check office and confirm there are, in fact, no batteries laying around*

Arrive at the venue:
Oh my goodness! She’s so pretty!! I can’t wait for the first look!! He’s gonna be emotional SO HARD.
The bouquet!! BAH. That’s gonna look so good in the camera!
Surely I’ll remember how to work my camera when I turn it on.
*Lays all the details out perfectly and turns camera on*
Oh yeah! You do know how to work this thing. Why’d you ever doubt yourself?! Let’s get in the zone!!

First Look
Oh my goodness, he’s so handsome!!! GAH she’s even more beautiful!! It’s happening! It’s finally happening!!
Do not cry. Do not cry.
Ok, just at least hide it behind the camera, ya sap! They’re so beautiful and it’s all coming together. AHH!

Great Aunt Frickin Elizabeth, I love you, but if you hold that iPad up during the first kiss, we gonna have a situation.
You are the friendliest of friendly cousins, Daryl. But I cannot explain to you what your ISO or aperture should be at, the ceremony is beginning in t-minus 15 seconds.
Awww, this came together so perfectly! They are such a sweet couple! It’s so beautiful!
Put the iPad down. I’ll bargain and deal with the iPhones. But for the love. PUT THE IPAD DOWN.
Get the first kiss. Get the first kiss.
BOOM BABY! Got the first kiss!

Ok but this light though, sooo peeerrrffeeeccttt. Get yo beautiful wedding day selves in this light STAT.
Gosh, I like them. Maybe we’ll be friends after their wedding too.
They think they rocked their engagement session? Their gonna blow their own minds!
MONEY IN THE BANK! That’s totally going on the insta.
I think they are models and never told me.

Oh hey, I haven’t eaten in eight hours. I’m starving. Surely I’ll eat soon. I just know it.
My flash game is on point this evening! LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!
Grandma is the gentlest of souls! With a spicy sense of humor. Did I just find my spirit animal?
That was such a touching Maid of Honor speech from her sister!
Forget friends, maybe the family will just adopt me. Just act casual and hangout with grandma.
*DJ plays collective line dance song* My feet may fall off but you better believe I’m gonna wobble till the cows come home.
CAKE?!? AND A DONUT WALL?!? I knew we were a match made in heaven.
Unfortunately Karen, I have no idea how to work your point and shoot camera. Literally NO IDEA.
May I offer a group shot with my professional camera?

Post Wedding
Are my feet still attached to my body?
I think I’m more tired than I have ever been in my entire life.
I think I should celebrate today with a dance party.
I love being a wedding photographer.

Being a wedding photographer is a ton of work and even more fun. I meet the most amazing couples and get to celebrate one of the most important days of their life by their side. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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