Worst DIY Blogger Ever

First of all, let me just say this

I would be the WORST DIY blogger ever.

I kept thinking “oh, I’ll take pictures with the next step. No one cares to see this”

Cut to our project is finished and no one will have any idea how we got there

This particular project started out as stairs for our dog to get on and off our bed.
a legitimate concern I’d say
We can’t have poor Wriggles trying to jump off our bed and be in a cast for a second time in his life
(yeah, that would for sure make me the worst puppy mama ever)

Then it slowly evolved into a project that could also prove useful for us as house owners with no real linen closet
enter “trunk”
or “hope chest”
or “wooden storage bench”

Between my design vision, some pinterested tutorials, and my hubsters know- how
we put this little thing together.

and, I’m not gonna lie.
I think it looks dang good.
Be on the look out for J&M Furniture Designs in the future

Josh and Wrigley enjoyed some serious cuddle time while I took some pictures of the finished product

Worst DIY Blogger EverWorst DIY Blogger EverWorst DIY Blogger EverWorst DIY Blogger EverWorst DIY Blogger EverWorst DIY Blogger Ever

  1. Brooke says:

    All I can say is wow! That looks dang good!!

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