Real Padawan Updates

Apparently this is what I look like when I am using the camera.
A constant state of confusion and analyzing.
Over-analyzing, really.

So I was gonna give this big long spiel of whats been happening
(because it’s exciting, trust me)
BUT really what it boils down to is that I have been taking a lot of photos.
A lot.
Like an obnoxious amount.
But it’s cool. 
mainly because it’s a blast. 
There have been issues here and there.
There are issues that are mine.
Or the cameras’
Or the little girl editing tools that I am using. 
Really, they are all my issues but we’ll just blame it on the technology for right now:)
So let’s look at all the photos of late.
Here are a couple that I have taken with A Moment In Time Photography with my mentor, Liana.
(edited by Liana using big girl photography tools and skills)
FYI, I’m just gonna shorten A Moment In Time Photography to “AMIT” for the rest of this!
A close friend at a fundraiser from church
very first engagement photo used for a real album for AMIT
another engagement shoot I got to do with AMIT!
 I have also gotten to tag a long on a couple of weddings.
Will some of my photos get used in the real set of photos??
I don’t know!
It’s always exciting and nerve-wracking to get feedback from Liana.
She has been nothing but encouraging
But it feels like the equivalent of giving a famous chef a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and hoping they will at least just taste it.
I have also done some of my own stuff
Three family photo shoots?
The Barney Family
Pretty much models, right?
And from these photos I got 2 more shoots!
The Sauer Family
And also
Christy and Mike
These two just so happen to be getting married in February
And guess who gets to photograph this wedding?
This little padawan right here!
I’m so lucky, it’s ridiculous

It has been lots of fun
and I love getting feedback from people
and like I said there are still issues

I barely know what I’m doing
blurry photos
little girl editing tools
But I’m banking on the fact that these things will come with time 
(and dinero) 
I hope at least.
And then one day I’ll have a facebook page and website and my own photography blog and a legit company name… (you just got a small glimpse into my way too optimistic head. I also am hoping that Santa and/or the city of Phoenix will get me a Sprouts and/or Sunflower Marker and a Super Target within 2 miles of my house) 
I’m so realistic.
But like I said at the very beginning of this adventure…
There will be good photo days and not-so-good photo days
And learning how to make the first outweigh the latter is a crazy good adventure.
Also random fact: it is a really odd experience to airbrush yourself
 I guess that’s enough of an update!
And I’m positive this is way longer than anyone intended to read for.
 I will leave you with some of my favorite Christmas photos
GQ, right?
 Merry (early) Christmas from the AZ photography padawan!
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