The Isom’s Announcement

This is Bryson and Marlee Isom

You know when you just click with someone??
That’s how we feel with Bryson and Marlee

We met them just a few short weeks ago
but most definitely consider them very close friends already
and envision them being in our lives for a long long time

 They have recently moved from Texas
with their sweet southern accents and all

and have just found out they are pregnant!

 but shhh! because they have yet to announce it to the Facebook world
but I got super secret special permission to put it on my blog
so I’m trusting you guys

I would explain why we love them but I am pretty positive that their personalities shine in these photos

 Fun, loving, silly, creative, and kind people.

Texas, I’m sorry but you are not allowed to have them back anytime soon.

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