The Top of My Christmas Wish List

Since Target has decided it isn’t too early for Christmas decorations
I am deciding it isn’t too early to start my Christmas wish list

and at the top of my list is this

The Top of My Christmas Wish List

a camera strap!

from fotostrap

it comes in multiple colors, but I prefer the graphite myself.

and you can get the strap monogrammed if you’d like.

I would monogram mine with
(you can find the meaning behind that on my About Me page)

but what is even greater than the fact that it is super cute, is that it goes to a great cause

This is an especially touching story which hits close to home given my profession

One day, I plan on becoming a part of this awesome organization and donating my time to it!

…and if my hubs happens to read this, just tuck that little cute fotostrap website away for future reference 🙂

and I’m sure my list will continue to grow with all things photography related
(…and a couple pairs of big girl shoes too:))

Also, I am way too antsy for Fall.
Like real fall.

I know it is technically fall now but with temps hitting 100, I just refuse to decorate…or get a pumpkin spice latte.

Maybe next week…I think the high is going down to 95? Eek! I’m itching with anticipation of cool weather!

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