Wandering Heart

Bind my wandering heart to Thee.

lyrics from
Come Thou Fount

a beautiful hymn

A while back…like long time ago…like spring time
I had a craft day with my friend Kelley .
She made a neon scarf

and I started painting on a canvas
the background was fine but I made a horrendous pattern
so it sat in a closet until…

craft day numero dos

Kelly made a super cute necklace
and while I was scrambling to think of something to make there was no way I was bringing out my hideous canvas.
unfortunately I ran out of time
so I lugged my big ole canvas over to her house and painted over said nasty pattern

then a few days later, I decided I could use a stencil and make something worth hanging up
(remember. painting was not one of my natural given gifts.)
some pretty colors+pinterest inspiration+typewrite stencil = beautiful reminder in our bathroom every morning

Wandering Heart

  1. Kelley says:

    Oh yea! You finished it, and it looks BEAUTIFUL!

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