Anniversary Party

I had yet another friend from work (aren’t my coworkers amazing??) who wanted me to snap some shots at her parents anniversary party.
It was SO much fun.

Anniversary PartyAnniversary PartyAnniversary PartyAnniversary PartyAnniversary PartyAnniversary PartyAnniversary Party

It was such a sweet and intimate party
with thoughtful details placed everywhere

I am SO incredibly happy that this website is up and running.
It was touch and go for a while.
I’m so serious.
Ask my hubs, he’ll tell you about the time I was rocking back and forth during a nervous breakdown about to throw my computer on the floor.
But thanks to him, and a couple computer super heroes, everything is all good and well again.
For reals, though, don’t ask me to build you a website. or figure out domain stuff. or hosting stuff.
I felt like my 80-something year old grandma with her computer
I trusted that what they were telling me was accurate and legitimate information
but for some reason my brain could not process it nor repeat the steps that I had just been shown.
It was shameful.

But please mosey around on here

AND I set up a twitter account.
Kind of a big step.
And I’m not making any promises I will be consistent with that.
We all know how I do with blogging.

Which leads me to one more thing…well two…
1.  I NEVER finished up with our photos from our Illinois trip. Oopsies! Those will probably be the next couple blogs
2. I can’t remember

I really am turning into my grandma.

  1. what gorgeous photos! you are so talented!!

    • melissaivy says:

      Thanks so much! It is nice to know people are actually reading this thing, haha! I am interested in cutting back on the gluten, I will have to keep tabs on your recipes 🙂

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