Yesterday we drove 7.5 hours and made it to Ojai, CA.
I kind of almost forgot we were coming here.
With all the planning that involved San Fran and above, Ojai kind of got pushed by the wayside.
Oops. Really triple oops because this place is beautiful.
And pretty much exactly where I want to live.

1. It’s about 20 minutes from the beach
2. It is small enough to get that friendly small town feel (people were walking and riding their bikes everywhere)
3. But large enough that people aren’t (or at least it seems this way)  all up in each others business
4. I could get a scooter and it would be completely practical
5. AND I could probably have chickens in my backyard

Perfection if you ask me.
I’ll probably be looking up the totally reasonably priced real estate through out the week.

I made a sweet slideshow of our first day. You can make it a large by clicking the little arrows thing in the bottom right hand corner.
Enjoy and probably be jealous because this is definitely one of the more beautiful places on earth.

  1. Madison A says:

    Fun! It looks beautiful – I’ve never been. Enjoy the rest of your road trip! You’ll be in my neck of the woods 🙂

  2. Madison A says:

    SF area! I work in Oakland and live in Walnut Creek! (~30 min away from SF)

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