Beach Day In Cali


My last post about our Cali road trip up the coast.
Our last day we spent at the beach with Wrigley.
We had SO much fun.

Although I have to take a second (or the majority of a post, whatever) and make a MAJOR shout out to BringFido

without them, our trip would not have been possible
we booked all of our hotels through them and researched hundreds of activities to do with Wriggles.
and then it all came full circle…
by happenstance we ran into their fidomobile while we were in Solvang

and while we didn’t actually find Ace, we sent a photo of myself next to the fidomobile and they sent us all this awesome fido swag
( I have been wanting to use the word swag for a long time now, so I’ll just pat myself on the back)

Beach Day In Cali

We already used the coupon for a new kong, or as we like to call it Wrigley’s binky.
Seriously, we’re pathetic.

This was such a pleasant surprise and I am so thankful that we have BringFido as a resource.
Because we love our dog and we love adventures.
So, thank you BringFido.
The Duerr family appreciates you.

Now enjoy some of our favorite pictures of Wrigley from our time at the beach

He was kinda confused at first.
But then fell in love with the sand…
the water, not so much
Beach Day In CaliBeach Day In CaliBeach Day In CaliBeach Day In CaliWe cannot wait to visit a Cali beach again!

Thanks, BringFido.
I loved hanging out with my mom and dad for 10 days on vacay.
You guys rock my collar off.

Love, Wrigley

Beach Day In Cali

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