One Year Later

In my very first blog post after I bought and received my camera I wrote this
” I did it. It happened”
after many conversations and lessons with my Jedis, lots of continual practice, learning how to put two pictures next to each other, a Facebook page, winning an amazing camera bag, 104 likes on a Facebook page, a blogsite, business cards, too many blog posts, multiple family shoots, and 4 solo weddings

all I can say is that
It IS happening

People are trusting me with big moments in their life.
and it’s flattering.
beyond flattering really.
borderline scary.

I am LOVING it and SOAKING it up.

there have been so many bumps along the way
and learning curves
and embarrassing mistakes
and oopsie daisies
with what, I am sure, are a lot more to come

but even after falling flat on my face multiple times, I absolutely love it

and it’s blowing my mind that other people love it.
I’m positive that the encouragement that I get from families…dare I say clients…fuels my love for this sport.
and yes, it’s totally sport.
weddings are a doggone 8 hour marathon
( the last wedding I did, the groom, bless his heart, kept asking if I was ok. I think I had entered full zombie mode the last 1/2 hour)
but let me tell you it is the only marathon I plan on partaking in or enjoying

so I am just going to go ahead and say it
I’m proud of some my accomplishments this past year

(even though I have officially hit that point where I look back at photos and shudder with embarrassment)

Ok, let’s get personal for a second
I always felt this need for a creative outlet but down right sucked at every thing I tried
painting? fail
drawing? fail
sculpting? double fail

It is a piece of art to
1. take a camera
2. frame a picture in your mind
3. then make it the best it can be, according to your own artistic eye, during the editing process 

Thank you, photography, for allowing me to have an outlet for creativity.

Like I said one year ago, it really is a process.
and I am simply scratching the surface

with that, I will be quiet and show you some of my favorites from this past year

One Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year LaterOne Year Later

I can’t believe I have built a small portfolio.

I’m already excited for my next big and super practical (and budget friendly…not) purchase
a 24-70 lens

so I can continue to build a portfolio.

Thank you to every one who has liked my Facebook page, asked me to take their pictures, and read my lame honest blog posts or have given me some sort of encouragement a long the way.
and have also still have managed to love me and show me grace through everything that makes me, me.

  1. Lori Bojorquez says:

    Melissa you are a blessing! You have a natural talent & I’m so glad we have crossed paths in our lives. Keep up the good work!!!! XOXO

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