The Northern Coast

On the 3rd we drove up the northern coast
that is one windy, zig-zaggy son of a gun.
my oh my is it beautiful
but make sure you have your sea bands and your dramamine ready to go

before we got to the coast, there was some legit farmland with cows.
again, you could most likely own chickens if you lived here and get some organic meat pretty easily
I’ll be looking up real estate in that area also 🙂

side note:
our best friends, Ben & Steph, have a gnome named Eli
he was carefully painted about 5 years ago in college
Steph promised him that he would travel to all the places they go
but unfortunately he always seemed to be forgotten about and was left next to where the suitcase was packed
they asked if we would take him to see Cali
…so Eli may or may not make an appearance in some of our photos

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